Artist Bios

Steve McDonald Portrait  

Steve McDonald

You may recognize the work of Steve McDonald; that’s because Steve has been a leading artist for textile and metal designs for over 50 years.

Steve has been developing artwork for apparel, home decor, textiles, and manufactured products for decades with an emphasis in motorcycles and bikes. Steve's collection on Legend Studio showcases the wide variety of work in his portfolio, featuring everything from hot rods and garage art to kitchen art and inspirational quotes.

We are proud to be featuring Steve's licensed work at Legend Studio, and hope you love his work as much as we do.


 Greg Giordano  

Greg Giordano

Greg Giordano has been painting animals all his life.

He attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City. As a boy, he spent many hours at the Museum of Natural History drawing and sketching the animals and dioramas. He enjoys spending much of his time in the outdoors and takes yearly painting trips throughout North America to study the diverse subject matter found in his current work.

A veteran of the Licensing Industry for over 25 years, his work has been licensed to over 500 manufacturers worldwide. He was featured by License Magazine as one of the industries youthful trendsetters in their “40 Under Forty” issue in 1999 and 2000. His art has been part of co-branded licensing programs with the National Wildlife Federation and the ASPCA. He has also developed licensing programs using his art with many prestigious organizations such as The National Wildlife Federation, The Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA. He resides in Ridgefield, CT. and his property is home to deer, fox, coyote, bear, turkey, beaver and many different species of birds. Local farms provide inspiration for his horse paintings.


 Fiona Stephenson  

Fiona Stephenson

U.K artist Fiona trained as an illustrator at Barnsley and Harrow school of art in the mid 80’s. Her early career found her doing t.v and magazine illustrations before comic book lettering for Judge Dredd 2000A.D and Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000, this led to colouring work for D.C comics.

It was at a comic convention in San Diego that she discovered and fell in love with American Pin-Up art, in particular Gil Elvgren, Zoe Mozart and George Petty. After discovering the art of Pin-Up, colouring other people's artwork didn't give Fiona the satisfaction it once had so she decided to teach herself to oil paint. After spending a couple of years building up a reputation as an Elvgren tribute painter Fiona then started creating her own vintage styled pin-up girls.

She is now a modern Pin-Up artist in her own right and still takes her inspiration from the artists of 40s/50s advertising. Her paintings are oil on canvas and typically quite large, which is the standard for this cheesecake genre, Fiona likes to work with oil paint because she believes to get the authentic retro feel to the art you have to work in the same way.

Fiona’s work is featured in books such as the World’s Best Erotic Art Today book III and The Pinup Project for Graffito books. She is also following the tradition of pin up artists working in advertising, her artwork features on various cosmetics such as the U.S.A’s The Balm, Tesco Along Came Betty range and Playboy Marketing. Other employers include beverage companies such as Wells and Young’s Ltd, Lovo Drinks and Brooks Brewing LLC. The more unusual commissions Fiona has received are for Affiliated Equipment in Canada where she is doing bespoke pin-up girls to feature on the side of their fleet of trucks, she has done 8 and counting. The most surprising projects are Neonology in London who created neon art using Fiona’s artwork, Wurkin Stiff cufflinks and to arrive back at her comic book origins, D.C comics commissioned a cover for a Vertigo comic book series called Bodies.

Fiona's work provides a nostalgic visit to the glamour and fun of 50s America, she loves the sexy but not sleazy quality to Pin-Up art and aims to make her own paintings playful by creating little stories within the artwork, she hopes the joyful scenes are an antidote to a sometimes cynical world.


 Allan Albaitis  

Allan Albaitis

On July 28, 1947 Allan was born near a town called Baldwin in the lower peninsula of Michigan. He graduated from North Muskegon High School in 1965. Honorably discharged from the military in 1969, and having an "Expert-Rifle" rating, his percussion training with his high school band and only a single semester of formal art education as a skill set, Allan decided that his musical skills might serve him better than his art or M-16.

Being a rock star in the era of Woodstock had an undeniable appeal to a long-haired 25-year-old. Sending his drums ahead by bus, he straddled his motorcycle and left Muskegon Michigan for the desert of Las Vegas. Certainly, the “Entertainment Capital of the World” could find room for another good drummer. As it turned out, it couldn’t. “The good, steady musician jobs required juice,” he states. “I was definitely sans jus”. His art, however, was never far from his side. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, he cranked out a monthly a cartoon strip called “Frank & Ziggy” for a 4-state motorcycle magazine, Freedom Rider. Once on the job, there were always situations that demanded an Albaitis cartoon. There is no shortage of material for “gotcha” cartoons in any firehouse. Over the years the “toons” evolved into serious art and in 1995, his first national release, “Return To Glory” was unveiled.

In 1997, Firefighter Albaitis published “Guardians” which features the spirits of long gone old timers in a thundercloud assisting their counterparts below to douse a house fire. The edition of 2500 prints sold out through his website,, in 2002. Many of his paintings have hidden or ambiguous images. At the request of the late Harvey Eisner - then editor of Firehouse Magazine, to create the cover of their Millennium Issue in the fall of 1999, Albaitis followed the directive to "imagine" American Fire & Rescue in the year 2025. While rocket-powered fire engines dominate the foreground, an orange/red nebulae in the distant background swirls with the image of a horse-drawn stream pumper in the epic, "Millennium Challenge". His “American Grace”, a tribute to the responders of September 11th, 2001 seems to center on the image of an American Flag when, actually what appears to be a flag is the twisted, glowing wreckage of the smoldering towers, a pike pole of a firefighter in the foreground and the lighted windows of a sky-scraper in the distance aligning with the star field area of the illusion; there is no flag in the piece. “If there is an underlying theme or philosophy to my work it is simply, look again. As with all things in life, there’s more than what meets the eye,” he says. “Look deeper and more shall be revealed.” He recently signed his latest agreement with the world-renowned Bradford Exchange, for a seventh project which is providing much of the exposure necessary for his niche artwork.

“The day I hung up my gear for the last time was one of mixed emotions to be sure”, Albaitis says of that day, July 4, 2007. “But through my art, I will always stay in touch with those courageous men and women. Fire and Rescue has defined more than half of my life. Retirement will be a new chapter, but it’s the same great book.”


 Mark Karvon  

Mark Karvon

As a kid in the suburbs of Chicago, I always was interested in the mechanical creations of man. The forms those machines took were captivating to me - the pointed nose of a fighter jet; the exposed driving wheels of a mighty steam engine, the streamlined shape of a submarine.

At Purdue University I studied Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering. During that time I worked as a waiter in many restaurants.

One day a man came into the restaurant for lunch. He was the famous marine artist, Charles Vickery. We soon became friends and I began to visit his studio on a regular basis. Our friendship developed into him teaching me about oil painting. We remained good friends until he passed away in 1998. It was at this time I decided to be an artist.

My portfolio continued to grow through ongoing commissioned paintings, drawings and technical illustrations. It was tough to compete for business against artists working in digital media. I had not been too impressed with most of the digital stuff I had seen as it seemed somewhat sterile and lacking in feeling.

Some years went by and I decided to explore the digital medium a little more in depth. In 2006 I made the switch to the digital medium. These days, all my work is painted digitally. It is my passion to bring to life those machines of man that still fascinate me to this day. I am blurring the line between digital and traditional media. I want my paintings to speak to the viewer the feeling I get from these subjects. Hopefully some of that comes through.


 Rudolp Wendelin  

Rudolph Wendelin

One spring day in 1950, in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico, an operator in one of the fire towers spotted smoke and called the location in to the nearest ranger station. The first crew discovered a major wildfire sweeping along the ground between the trees, driven by a strong wind. As the crew battled to contain the blaze, they received a report of a lone bear cub seen wandering near the fire line.

They hoped that the mother bear would return for him. Soon, about 30 of the firefighters were caught directly in the path of the fire storm. They survived by lying face down on a rockslide for over an hour as the fire burned past them.

Nearby, the little cub had not fared as well. He took refuge in a tree that became completely charred, escaping with his life but also badly burned paws and hind legs. The crew removed the cub from the tree, and a rancher among the crew agreed to take him home. A New Mexico Department of Game and Fish ranger heard about the cub when he returned to the fire camp. He drove to the rancher’s home to help get the cub on a plane to Santa Fe, where his burns were treated and bandaged. News about the little bear spread swiftly throughout New Mexico. Soon, the cub was on his way to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., becoming the living symbol of Smokey Bear.

Bruce Kaiser Art  

Bruce Kaiser

Bruce has been drawing cars since he could hold a pencil. He grew up in the 60s hanging out at the local A&W Drive-In.

It was the golden age of Detroit's great muscle cars and the images and sounds of hot cars under the lights at a local hamburger place still influence his car paintings today.

Kaiser strives to capture those perfect summer nights and hot cars as he remembers them in his paintings. The local drag strip had drag racing Friday nights and he spent many nights there trying to catch the excitement of 60s-70s funny cars and dragsters under the lights on film and now with brush and paint. His car paintings feature the great muscle cars and hot rods like GTOs, Camaros, Road Runners, Hemi-Cudas, Novas, Chevelle SS, Mustangs, 32 Ford coupes, Yenko Camaros, Super Bees, 40 Ford Coupes and many more. Bruce likes to show the cars in his paintings as he remembers them as a kid, not as a pristine new muscle car, but as cars that were modified and raced like a SS Chevelle with mags or a 55 Chevy with cut out fenders.


Eric Herrmann  

Eric Herrmann

Eric Herrmann is one of the premier motorsport artists in the world today.

His art is represented in over 40 countries and can be found in Museums, Galleries, Corporate Collections and garages World Wide. He's created images for NASCAR, Jack Daniel's, Barrett-Jackson, Discount Tire, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Richard Childress Racing, Sturgis and many pillars of the Motorsport Industry. Eric often hides subtle imagery within his paintings and creates a story with his entirely hand painted works. You don't just glance at his paintings, you get involved in them!


Mark Lueck  

Mark Lueck

Mark Lueck was born in 1952 in Oak Harbor Washington. He then moved to Southern California in the mid sixties. San Diego is his hometown. Mark had been an artist as long as he can remember. He enjoys Western Art, Wildlife, Automotive and and Sign Art, working in many types of mediums.


Kimberly Lueck  

Kimberly Lueck

Combining art and humor, Kimberly has a light hearted way of looking at life.

Kimberly Lueck is a 26 year old artist that lives in San Diego California. She grew up with a creative family. She has a unique style. Her interests are Western Art, Anime, Super Hero, Zombie and Fantasy Art. She is well known for her digital artwork. She can also do traditional artwork as well. Her wild ideas are inspired by attending Comic-Con every year.


Mark Ashley  

Mark Ashley

Doodler and Sketcher since 1959 Graphic Designer since 1977 Reno, Nevada 1977 to 1991 Tacoma, Washington 1991 to present

Prior to starting as an apprentice at a Graphic Design company in Reno, Nevada, Mark Ashley was the manager at a clothing/surplus/ski store. He created most of the in-house signage and the owner saw that he might have potential. He arranged for Mark to work with the design company that did his advertising and design and this was where Mark learned all aspects of design and production for offset printing.

Mark’s Company, Digital Hot Rod, was started in 2005 as a side project with the purpose of developing design projects based around Custom Cars and Hot Rods. At Digital Hot Rod Marks has developed T-Shirts, Signs and other merchandise for Custom Car owners, builders and enthusiasts. As a designer, he offers services for custom and personalized artwork to his clients. In conjunction with Digital Hot Rod, Mark has created a line of humorous T-Shirts and Signs under the moniker Flyin' A Shirt Company.

In addition to graphic design, Mark has also created a line of fine art pieces in Watercolor, Pencil and Pastel. He credits his Grandmother as an Oil Painter and his Dad as a Doodler as his inspiration.


 Days Not Forgotten Painting by Jim Hansel  

Jim Hansel

Jim Hansel, one of Minnesota’s premier nature and landscape artists, is an artist with a twist. At the age of 12, Jim was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition called Stargardt’s.

This eye condition left him legally blind. In spite of his limited vision, he pursued his passion for painting with the use of low vision devices and has become one of the most collected artists in the United States and Canada.

As a result of his partial loss of vision, Jim hopes to serve as an inspiration to the American spirit in overcoming his disability and pursuing his passion for art. With images of nature, landscapes and Americana, Jim shows versatility and love of his subject matter.

It is Jim’s desire that his artwork be judged on its own merit in spite of his visual impairment, and it is this determination and a commitment to excellence that has launched him into the national spotlight. Since the release of his first image in 1987, Jim has produced nearly 200 limited edition prints, many of which have sold out due to his immense popularity as an artist. His reputation for detail as well as distinctive, colorful landscapes, have proven to be very popular with art collectors worldwide.



 Michael Spano  

Michael Spano

Michael Spano was born and raised in NYC, and has been creating custom artwork and design for over 30 years.

Over the years he has worked in various techniques, styles and mediums. Specializing in airbrush and oil paint in the 80’s, then in digital art starting in the 90’s. This combination of art and technology enables him to create a unique style of hand drawn digital artwork.

Michael has been an avid motorcycle enthusiast all of his adult life, and that lifestyle has direct influence on his current body of work.


 Gary Velasco  

Gary Velasco

Acclaimed aviation artist Gary Velasco is known in the Aviation community as the "Worlds Foremost Aircraft Nose Artist", sees art in all things aeronautical.

Over the course of his illustrious 20+ year career, Gary has breathed new life into a variety of aircraft components from some of history’s most iconic legends. Among his offerings aside from his main principal products of high-quality replica nose art panels, Velasco has created functional metal shelves, crafted desks from airplane empennages; fashioned wall clocks from military aircraft components; and much, much more. Along the way, Gary has come face to face with some of the world’s most famous aircraft and the living legends who made history at their controls.

Velasco and his trademark aviation art have been featured on The Discovery Channel’s series hit show American Chopper. His work has been showcased in countless museums all over the world. Over the years, Gary’s unique set of skills has been commissioned by prestigious aviation museums and owners of flying and static, applying nose art to restored warbirds seen flying at countless air shows each year, the Commemorative Air Force, The Boeing Company, the US Navy’s Blue Angels, the USAF Thunderbirds, the Delaware Air National Guard, and numerous other giants of the aviation world. He also repainted legendary aircraft collector David Tallichet’s B-17 Flying Fortress, which was used in the 1990 motion picture Memphis Belle.



 Gary Velasco  

Jodi Monroe

As an artist, Jodi has been drawing portraits for over 20 years, but over the past 12 years have truly found a passion for rendering works celebrating the profession of firefighting. Her goal and passion for each work of art is to make it so incredibly life-like that you can feel the energy of the subject.

Jodi's work can be seen on NBC's TV show "Chicago Fire." Please look for her prints "Waiting for the Call," "Axe," and "Attack" in the living and sleeping quarters set near the locker room. In addition, her firefighter artwork has recently been published in "Art Journey: Portraits" and featured in "Colored Pencil Magazine.

Jodi is married to a career firefighter and together they have a son and a daughter. Because of her husband, mother- who repairs turn-out gear for firefighters all across the country, and an Uncle- who was fire chief for many years in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Jodi has been associated with the profession of firefighting most of her life.


Ralph Burch  

Ralph Burch

Ralph was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1945. He was raised and went to high school in Dayton, Ohio where he discovered his artistic abilities. After graduating, Ralph went on to Cincinnati Academy of Fine Art and Central Academy of Commercial Art where he pursued his art interest and passion.

After college, Ralph joined advertising mogul, Leo Burnett of Chicago, where he became Leo Burnett’s youngest executive art director where he provided art and creative direction for the original Virginia Slims “You’ve Come Along Way Baby” campaign as well as creative works for many other fortune 500 companies. Following Leo Burnett he was the creative force behind his own advertising agency where he won over 250 National and International awards including Clios and various Art Director, Broadcast and Communication Awards programs for his creative and marketing excellence. Ralph left the windy city in 1973 for sunny southern California, where he currently resides. He became Executive Art Director for the West Coast’s largest account at that time- Toyota. For the last 30 years Ralph has worked from his Southern California studio, offering consulting for art direction, marketing and promotions. Ralph has been associated with many graphic & apparel programs where his art and direction has generated hundreds of millions of dollars at retail. Ralph develops images for apparel, home decor, textiles, manufactured products, television shows and Movies. His licensed art and designs are all around you. Ralph has become one of the most published and most highly collected artists of Pin-up Girls. His Pin-ups involve martini, cocktail, motorcycle, hot rod, gambling and various other vignettes. He is a member of the Pastel Society of America out of New York City. Today, Ralph Burch is still pursuing his art interests, developing, marketing, promotion & social media direction for a select group of clients and still into Hot Rods & Motorcycles and the So. Cal Lifestyle.


 Nene Thomas  

Nene Thomas

Nene Tina Thomas has been drawing and painting her entire life, but she began her career as a professional artist in 1994 when she was approached by Wizards of the Coast to contribute work to the popular CCG "Magic: The Gathering".

She spent the first few years of her professional career working for several different companies, before making the decision to strike out on her own as a print artist.

After leaving the world of contract art behind, she has spent the last twenty years refining her craft, and experimenting with different mediums and techniques, always striving to improve. She has also finally realized her lifelong dream of releasing her own fantasy series, "The Zaryiostrom", which has been the inspiration for the vast majority of her work.

When she isn't sketching or painting, Nene enjoys sewing, sculpting, dollmaking, and spending time with her husband and their house full of cats


 Bill Plank  

Bill Plank

After teaching Studio Art and Art History for twenty-five years, Bill Plank retired to form his own art business called Plank Art Designs.

Throughout his years of teaching, Plank continued to produce and exhibit his acrylic paintings at such places as Educational Testing Service in Princeton and Capitol Health System’s Mercer Hospital Campus, to name a few. Bill’s landscapes are influenced by artists such as the Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, Andrew and James Wyeth, and contemporary illustrator/landscape painter Philip Travers. Mr. Plank has received a Certificate of Honor from the Mercer County Board of Chosen Freeholders. His work has won numerous awards and is featured in many private and public collections, including the Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission permanent art collection.

Bill Plank has also written and illustrated his own books, entitled The Maiden-Head Mask and The Universal Lighthouse. He also has published a monthly journal/diary entitled Land of Nutshell, which features his fantasy elf illustrations. All books are available through


 Selina Fenech  

Selina Fenech

As a lover of all things fantasy, Selina has made a living as an artist since she was 23 years old selling her magical creations.

Her works range from oil paintings to oracle decks, dolls to digital scrapbooking, plus fantasy novels, jewelry, and colouring books. Born in 1981 to Australian and Maltese parents, Selina lives in Australia with her husband, and daughter, and loves food, gardening, geekery, and all things fantasy.


 Brigid Ashwood  

Brigid Ashwood

Brigid Ashwood is a contemporary artist exploring classic themes.

With influences and techniques well rooted in old traditions she reinterprets mythic and fairytale worlds for a modern audience. Comfortable in traditional mediums such as egg tempera and silverpoint she also works digitally. Brigid's work is collected internationally and has been featured in exhibits around the country, on television, as well in books and several international magazines. Her images have been licensed for a wide variety of products sold worldwide.

In addition to commercial, graphic and concept art and design Brigid is an accomplished fine artist. Her work is shown in galleries around the country and is collected by CEOs, actors, authors and musicians.


 Angela Faye  

Angela Faye

Angela Faye moved to Franklin, Tennessee in 2008 after spending time on her sister’s farm in Northern Missouri.

While on the farm she received a peaceful reprieve from a career in advertising in her hometown of Memphis and was inspired to slow down and see the beauty all around her. Angela began taking random photos of chickens, goats, cows and “farm and country.”

After living the simple life she was ready for a change. Angela started going through her collection of photos and was inspired to do something with them, receiving encouragement from just about everyone who saw them. Today she lives in Nashville making prints of her photos, framing them in barn wood, along with magnets, post cards and metal signs with her images.

Angela’s ‘claim to fame’ is the iconic piece, “Nashville or Bust,” once seen on the ABC network series, “Nashville.” Angela Faye licensed the “WELCOME COW” photo to Kirkland’s making it available in all 325 Kirkland’s stores.


 Victory Girl  

Victory Girl

Jerri Bergen, artist and owner of Victory Girl, has long been in the aviation industry, with 20 years as a systems administrator at McDonnell Douglas.

Jerri started Victory Girl over 10 years ago, specializing in vintage aviation art, primarily aircraft nose art and vintage airport posters, reminiscent of a simpler era of flying.

Jerri, Terri (her twin sister) and her husband Chris, have created and/or painted hundreds of leather pilot jackets and aircraft panels with both historic and modern nose art designs. Victory Girl is located at Cable Airport (CCB), in Upland, California, the largest family-owned, public use airport in the US. Jerri continues to create new vintage airport posters (in her spare time!), to retain some of the original flavor of local airports that are fast disappearing from our urban landscape.


 Dave Barnhouse  

Dave Barnhouse

Dave Barnhouse has never forgotten the values learned in his youth. He is a self-described ‘country-boy’ who grew up in small-town Richmond, Ohio, and Dave has no intention of leaving that environment either physically or emotionally.

“I want my art to make people feel as though they were back home on a Friday evening experiencing the warmth of a cozy fire and smelling the homemade bread and cookies coming from the oven”. Dave’s paintings are snapshots of life the way he remembers it from the 1950’ and 60’s.

Today, Dave works mostly in oil paints, but as soon as he could hold a pencil, this artist started expressing his artistic talents. One of his first drawings was a threshing machine on his grandfather’s farm in Richmond. “He drew all the little details,” remembers his mother, who encouraged her son to pursue his art. The subject matters that interest him range from Western images and Native-American scenes from the East and West, as well as his more recognized works featuring farmsteads, tractors, old classic cars, trains and motorcycles in nostalgic scenes of small town America.

Barnhouse’s works have earned many awards and honors. He was voted ‘America’s third most popular print artist’ in 1995 and 1996 . He was included in InformArt’s “Top 10 Hottest New Artists” in 1995 and moved into the number three position in 1996. Dave’s art has moved into the international market as well, in print form, puzzles and other various merchandise. Dave became a full-time artist after a long career as an electrician in the Weirton-Steel, steel mill in West Virginia. Today he paints full-time in his studio, which is part of the Ohio home he shares with his wife, Marie.


 Cathryn Reitler (Sugg)  

Cathryn Reitler (Sugg)

Cathryn Reitler (formerly Sugg) is a fine artist residing in Glasgow, Montana; originally from Saskatchewan, Canada. She earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006, and her Master’s of Fine Arts at the University of Montana in 2011.

Her unique style of artwork has developed over a lifetime of creative expression. Each piece of art is composed of two essential layers: the painted or drawn image, and the surface she constructs for each specific piece. Surfaces are often either sewn of fabric or constructed of metal, and the subject painted or drawn usually relates in theme or meaning to the surface it appears on.

Occasionally, as with her lineman series, three dimensional objects (such as strips of wood or belt buckles) are used in the paintings themselves. Often she uses non-traditional items in her art because she feels that the artworks carry more meaning when they incorporate objects that been used in the trade the painting represents.

She is widely known for producing client-specific commissioned artworks, and has recently dedicated herself to pursuing her career as an artist full-time. When not at her easel Cathryn can often be found exploring the countryside and ranches within Northeast Montana; a constant source of inspiration for her artistic endeavors.


 David Tutwiler  

David Tutwiler

David Tutwiler holds the honor of having his paintings hang in some of America’s most prestigious collections, both public and private.

He began painting at the young age of fourteen, with a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago. He went on to study and graduate from the American Academy of Art with an Associates in Technology Degree with a Major in Fine Art. David has participated in many National Exhibitions such as the Mystic Seaport International, the Oil Painters of America, and the Great American Artists exhibitions, Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to being one of the America’s foremost painters of Steam Era Railroad subjects, his portfolio also includes significant works depicting traditional American Landscapes and coastal subjects of the sea coasts and the Great Lakes. David recently completed work for George Lucas of LucasFilm which is now included in his Skywalker Ranch California Collection.

He maintains a studio on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, and he and his wife Line’ supply artwork to several galleries in New England throughout the summer.

David & Line’ have just signed a contract for a new Fine Art project with a promotional marketing firm in Burbank, Ca.

David’s work is represented by several galleries and museums throughout America.



 Ted Blaylock  

Ted Blaylock

Born in the foothills of the Ozarks, Ted Blaylock grew up in the St. Louis, Mo. area. During his early adult life, Blaylock held a variety of tough jobs, all far removed from the art world.

However, throughout this period one common thread remained: the love of art. Regardless of the job, his leisure time was spent developing his talent to draw and paint. Basically self-taught, Blaylock set out for a full time career in 1965 and opened his own art studio and gallery in Collinsville, Illinois in 1969. In 1972, the Blaylocks headed west to Arizona to exhibit and further his art career. For the past thirty years, Blaylock's art has enhanced collectors' walls in many different states and abroad. His national reputation in the art world is greatly respected.

His art has been published worldwide and he supports such worthy conservation organizations as Ducks Unlimited, National Wildlife Federation, Pheasants Forever and many others. Blaylock Art was selected for the 1990-91 Arizona Duck Stamp and Arizona Lifetime Trout Stamp in 1994. His print of a South Bald Eagle family in the Salt River Canyon has helped raise funds for the Arizona Nest Watch Program. He was selected to show with the top one hundred Arts for the National Parks and Birds in Art, at Leight Yawkey Woodson Museum. He also has a painting on permanent display in the Leanin Tree Museum of Western Art. These are a few of the many milestones of his career. His prints are found worldwide with many sold out editions to his credit, and with originals in many of the finest collections in the country.

"I paint and sculpt subjects that I really enjoy. I try to study my subject and setting so as to relay that personal moment of creating to the viewer. I thank the Lord for the talent he has given me, and have yet to wake up thinking of my art as a job."



 Rachel Anderson  

Rachel Anderson

I have been fascinated with the world of fantasy since I was little, when my parents began reading me books like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.

From then on my imagination was incurably overactive. At an early age I began attempting to bring all the characters and stories in my head to life on paper.

I took a few art classes in high school and college, but was never really able to focus my skill or artistic vision. My son was born in 2001, and I would often take the time during his naps to work on my art. It's a bit tricky to have art supplies around a toddler, so once I discovered digital painting it felt like the perfect fit for me. Working digitally also gave me the freedom to do a lot of experimentation, and I began to develop my own voice and artistic identity. I started selling prints and licensing with companies who make t-shirts, cards, figurines, and other fun stuff featuring my artwork that are sold around the world.

I strive to breathe life and character into the unseen world of imagination, to share the magic with everyone so that they can also view and enjoy these fantastic enchanting worlds and characters that I envision. Our world can be sad, or hard to bear at times... I hope that my artwork can be an escape, and bring some joy and magic back into this world. If my art can make just one person smile, and be happy for a day, I feel that I have succeeded.


 Carla Morrow  

Carla Morrow

I am the Lady who paints Dragons.

Using pencil and watercolor I create the images and worlds that exist in my mind, and bring them to the light so that others may share and enjoy the dragons and other creatures that I see. I have been drawing and coloring for as long as I can remember, and have always been interested in the worlds and creatures that occupy the fantasy realms. While other children were eating their crayons, I was putting mine to the walls, and while they were out playing in their yards and streets I was perfectly happy to sit alone for hours and draw. I can now draw a woman running a marathon much better than I can run one myself. When teachers asked us to draw “what you want to be when you grow up?” I always drew pictures of myself drawing...very M.C. Echer, right?

As a child I enrolled in every art class I could, which wasn't many. The few that I did manage to get into I enjoyed to the fullest. I also would sneak BACK into the school building during lunches to play Dungeons and Dragons...2.0, with THACO. None of that "off campus" garbage during lunch for me! I was a uber geek, but at least I wasn't alone. Once out of high school I attended college, but the strain of wanting to stay home to do art during college parties was too much, and I dropped out quickly to pursue my own study. I have since spent the past few years seeking out all the info I could on painting, drawing, and anatomy studies. Thank goodness for YouTube and “how to Draw” books!


 Duirwaigh Studios  

Duirwaigh Studios

We are Angi & Silas. We fell in love and vowed never to climb out.

Our first date was at the circus, and since that late afternoon in 2003, we've endeavored over cotton candy and shelled peanuts to bring the magic and charm of the circus to you.

The circus isn't one thing, and neither are we. It's a little bit of this, a little bit of that. We paint, photograph, digitize and collage. We make books and short films. Angi slams poetry and Silas composes symphonies. Duirwaigh is the fairground where many of our art-children ride the tilt-a-whirl and then parade dizzily for your amusement.


 Duirwaigh Studios  

Ruth Thompson

I remember going to the library and reading as many books about the gods and heroes as I could find. I'd pour over the weird stories and imagine wandering Greece with Odysseus and riding in the back of Thor's smelly goat-driven chariot.

In high school I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and the Dragonlance books by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. I fell in love and to this day, in my 40's, I still play role-playing games. But the most important part was discovering the bookcovers of artist Larry Elmore. Oh wow, mythology that lived & breathed!

In college, after three long and grinding years, I realized that Biology was not for me and tried Classics. Ummmmm... Ancient Greek killed that idea after 2 semesters (it's a dead language for a reason). I always liked drawing so I tried a few art classes and they stuck. But the art experience at the University of Alabama wasn't ready for dragon paintings so I played it safe and learned how to paint to "get the grades". (For those of you looking to have art as a career, please don't do what I did! Don't play it safe! If I had more courage I would have transferred to a school that taught realistic painting. I would have learned how to paint instead of staying at U of Al and just getting the degree. So go find a school or Art Institute that will teach you what you want to be. Look at what the instructors are painting, that will indicate what you will be expected to learn.)

So, still playing it safe, I got married and started a career in the role-playing industry as an illustrator. Neither stuck, thank God! I think I learned that being safe is not for me. In 1994, I discovered how to squish my love of fantasy, art, camping and horses into a passion--Renaissance Festivals!


 Paul Brent  

Throttle Design Mechanics

The passion for hot rods came early for Dave Adamson, founder and Creative Director of Throttle Design Mechanics in Salem, Oregon.

Growing up in northern California in the late 60s and early 70s, Dave was submerged in the same car culture and surf influences that soaked into the DNA and warped the brains of many of the teens from that era. As a kid, he collected piles of Hot Wheels, glued together scads of wild Revell and Monogram models, and drew wacky cartoons of monsters, street machines, dune buggies, and motorcycles, while under the influence of the likes of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Dave “Big Deal” Deal, and Mad Magazine. A driver’s license only escalated the sickness as muscle cars became the standard rides for Dave and his pals.

Then came the "responsible years", when Dave sold his gas guzzler, went off to college in Oregon, got married, and started his career in graphic design. The passion for motorsports was put on ice while he focused on survival and family. In 1982, he cofounded Church Art Works, a graphics company focusing on branding and apparel for ministries. It sailed along successfully until 2008, when the recession, the Internet, and cultural changes hit full force and the business struggled. The need to diversify caused Dave to look at other marketplaces, and the automotive niche seemed like an obvious one, since Dave's hobby and passion was hot rods. Throttle Design Mechanics was born. It now has a team of talented “Design Mechanics" and project coordinators, and a brand-new outlet for creativity.

Throttle’s philosophy is to mix its experience and passion for motorsports with wit and sound design principles, to develop innovative, eye-grabbing product designs with a "high cool factor". Throttle Design Mechanics believes that automotive lifestyle products are not just novelties or gimmicks, but extensions and expressions of a deep love of cars.